Monday, February 26, 2018


सब की जुबान पर एक बात हैं
आज हर नेता बेलगाम है।

दलबदल की दलदल में सब फंसे हुए
गिरगिट को भी आज मात दे रहे।

करते हे हर दिन, गढ़बढ़ घोटाले
रिश्वत को लेकर बनते हे लाले।

खुश होकर कहते हैं
हम निर्दोष हैं.

फिर देखो, मौज मस्ती में मदहोश हैं 

हर कोई लगा हैं, पैसे कमाने
पता नहीं किस दिन कुर्सी गवाले
ना वैभव ना इज्जत ना मस्ती रहेगी
हस्ती मिटेगी ना बस्ती रहेगी
तब तो उनको गिरगिराना पड़ेगा
जनता की अदालत में आना पढ़ेगा।

डॉ किरण


Sam comes home
after many years

Greets his Dad with
lot of tears.

Time and distance
have left them apart

Don't know yet
If they care.

They discuss heavy
And shout aloud.

Keep everyone wondering
and nothing found.

Hate and late
Has created stalemate

Leave hearts bleeding
And brains derailed.

Relationship is torn
Between present and past.
Lips just quiver
and hearts beat fast.

Working together they
patch up alright.
Ego is hurting
but future is bright.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

feeling today!

Life has entered a divine phase
Every thing seems so beautiful.
Humming sound of birds
creaky cool air
soothing inner self
like a grand Leer!

Dim light
low sound
High hopes
Make you feel great.

Dr Kiran

Monday, May 16, 2016

man kee baat

मन की बात

जब कभी मन में उलझन
सी आ जाती
तो कुछ ऐसा होता
की खुद पर
खुदा की
नज़र आती।

तब यकीन होता
हम ना बेचारे है।
हम तो
बहुत ख़ास है
ईश्वर के बहुत
पास है।

यह जिंदगी तो
तमाशा सा है
किरदारों की फितरत
इशारों का खेल
कर देता है
हर किसी को फ़ैल।

अच्छे -अच्छे
चक्कर में
आ जाते
जरा सी बात से
घबरा जाते
कोसने लगतेः
कभी खुद को
और कभी
कई बहाने
बना जाते।

डॉ किरण बाला 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

It is fun buying toys for children.
But if the toys are randomly selected and given to children,there can be accidents.
* Read warning labels before buying any toy.
* Pick age appropriate toys.
* Look out for sharp points, edges and corners. run your finger all around the toy, remembering that babies stick things in their eyes, ears and mouth and possibly their noses.
* Avoid toys with strings longer than twelve inches, because babies can get entangled or worse strangled.
* Avoid toys with loose or little parts which are small enough to be swallowed.
* Make sure toys are nontoxic.
* Too loud? Leave it behind. Baby's sensitive hearing can be damaged.
* Don't pick heavy toys. Child will be harmed if it falls on him.

Dr Kiran Bala

Friday, October 31, 2014

Life begins

Bright light and clear thoughts are many
But the vision is slightly blurred!

Hops to jump
fall on the bump.

Places to go
but the road is no more.

It is clearly a block
And the life is stalked

May be the dream ends
And life begins!

Dr Kiran Bala


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

After Many days

Thought of writing today after many-many days.
mind is fresh and at rest
many things to reveal
many talks to share.
There is no respite
from whatever I fear.

Long queues of my own
And many of them just not known
Life is moving at its own pace
Leaving behind who is not in the race.
Lots to achieve and much to give
what matters the most
is what all you did.

miles to go and peaks to reach
Always there is fear of trust when breached.
No matter who is with you all times
you achieve what is in your mind.